The Cleveland Teaching Collaborative was formed in May 2020 by Molly Buckley-Marudas and Shelley Rose, associate professors at Cleveland State University, with the goal of fostering partnerships between educators at CSU and in K-12 schools. As educators weather social distancing measures with various combinations of remote and hybrid teaching and learning strategies, the need to reflect on these experiences and adapt them to new conditions is paramount. This partnership seeks to provide educators at all levels with the tools needed to provide mindful, critical learning experiences for students in imperfect circumstances. We will reflect together as a community and make recommendations for future teaching and learning. The CTC Resource Referatory creates a "toolkit" of the many excellent sites, tools, and platforms available to educators. We hope that you find it useful and users can submit resources to the CTC referatory using the contribution form.

See this 16-minute tour "Getting To know the CTC Resource Referatory" for a closer look at the project.

Getting to Know the CTC Resource Referatory