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The Cleveland Teaching Collaborative Summer Sandbox kicked off on Monday, July 12, 2021, for an entire week of collaborative learning featuring an array of a synchronous and asynchronous smorgasbord of events, hosted on Zoom. This showcase features the video recordings from this event, along with YouTube links, and the collection of resources discussed in the videos can be found here. The full schedule of events.

Monday Morning, July 12

John Hubbard, Using Zoom/Teams as Lecture Capture Tool

John Hubbard ( is an Instructional Technology Specialist in the Center for Instructional Technology + Distance Learning ( at Cleveland State University. His workshop provides educators with a general tutorial on how to use both Zoom and Teams as a lecture capture tool.

Audience: All instructors using Zoom and/or Microsoft Teams

Monday Afternoon, July 12

Erin Avram, Design Your Own Digital Escape Room

Erin Avram (, Cleveland State University Assistant College Lecturer in the College of Sciences and Health Professions, uses digital escape rooms to keep her remote learners engaged with the content and deliver her learning objectives in a fun way. The presentation walks educators through the process and digital tools used to create these lessons.

Audience: All instructors looking for a new way to deliver their course content.

Tuesday Morning, July 13

Jamie Wadowiec, VR/AR in the Classroom: Accessible Approaches to. New Technology

Jaime Wadowiec, an Instructional Design Specialist from Savannah Technical College gives a presentation on the accessibility of educational technology with a focus on virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) programs and tools.

Audience: All instructors interested in incorporating VR/AR tech in their classrooms.

Diane Corrigan, Grace Huang, and Carmen Alicea, Developing and Delivering a Successful Virtual Symposium

Diane Corrigan (, Grace Huang (, and Carmen Alicea of the Cleveland State University Action Research Program presented on their successful virtual research symposium, hosted in April 2021. Their presentation covers three session types for audience engagement, dubbed by the Action Research Project as Paper Sessions, Roundtable Sessions, and Jamboard sessions, and explains what each session type is used for and how you can implement this for your own virtual events.

Audience: anyone interested in delivering a virtual symposium or other virtual conference-style event seeking guidance on the ways they can effectively engage their audiences.

Wednesday Morning, July 14

Shelley E. Rose, Setting Up Your Classroom or Office in MS Teams

Shelley E. Rose (, Associate Professor and Director of Social Studies in the College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences at Cleveland State University and Co-Founder of the Cleveland Teaching Collaborative, gives a quick tutorial on how to set up a virtual classroom or office space in Microsoft Teams and the features that Teams can offer.

Audience: All educators interested in Teams and others who may set up office space in Teams.

Thijs Heus, Postpandemic Teaching Community

Thijs Heus (, Associate Professor in the College of Sciences & Health Professions at Cleveland State University, presents on the Post Pandemic Teaching Community, and what the pandemic has taught the community about themselves and their students. For more information on the Post Pandemic Teaching Community please visit

Audience: All instructors with a focus on CSU instructors.

Wednesday Afternoon, July 14

John Hubbard, Leveraging Zoom/Teams Postpandemic at CSU

John Hubbard, Instructional Technology Specialist in the Center for Instructional Technology + Distance Learning at Cleveland State University provides a Cleveland State University specific tutorial on how Zoom and MS Teams can still be utilized by instructors in their return to face-to-face, hybrid, and flexible instruction.

Audience: Cleveland State University instructors, but anyone is welcome to use these same tools in their instruction.

Amanda Lamadanie, Where Creativity and Equity Meet: Exploration and Workshopping

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Amy Rosenbluth and Kristi Glasier, Lake Erie Ink, Engaging and Supporting Youth Writers in the Classroom

Amy Rosenbluth, Lake Erie Ink ( co-founder and Executive Director, and Kristi Glasier from Cleveland Heights-University Heights School District present on Lake Erie Ink and the different resources available through LEI and the strategies used by the educators dedicated to supporting young writers in their classrooms.

Audience: PK-12 Educators looking to support the writers in their classrooms.

Thursday Morning, July 15

Toni Paoletta, Building Trust for Engaged Collaboration

Toni Paoletta (, Assistant College Lecturer in the Monte Ahuja College of Business at Cleveland State University, shares the trust-building activities that she uses in the classroom to help foster relationships between herself and her students as well as fostering relationships between the students during virtual learning. By community building with interpersonal relationships, she is able to engage her students, improving attendance, grades, and classroom satisfaction.

Audience: All educators.

William A. Fistek, Glenda Toneff-Cotner, and Tristta M. Kuykendall, Navigating Disruptive Times For Educators: How to Engage with Civility

Glenda Cotner (, College Lecturer in the College of Education and Human Services at Cleveland State University, Cleveland Teaching Collaborative's William A. Fistek, and "TK" Kuykendall (, Adjunct Professor of Education at Cleveland State University and Coordinator of Data, Data Systems, and State Reporting at Lakewood City Schools, delve into the disruption of the educational system and how educators can "engage with civility" during the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic in their virtual, hybrid, or in-person classrooms. The panel discusses the disruptions to social, cultural, political, and economic lives at the local, state, and national levels.

Audience: All educators.

Thursday Afternoon, July 15

Molly Buckley-Marudas, Designing Digital Storytelling for Your Classroom

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Shelley E. Rose, Getting to Know the CTC Resource Referatory

Shelley E. Rose, Associate Professor and Director of Social Studies in the College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences at Cleveland State University and Co-Founder of the Cleveland Teaching Collaborative, gives a tour of the Cleveland Teaching Collaborative's Resource Referatory ( and walks viewers through how to submit your own resources to the Collaborative.

Audience: All Educators & Instructional Staff